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Woocommerce provides everything that a business owner requires to establish his or her own shop. It not only offers services for creating the store from scratch but also manages and grows the same. The basic services offered by e-commerce companies are the construction of the site, customization of the site, management of products, order and customer management, payments and shipping and store optimization.


The construction of the site is one of the most essential aspects for an online store. Woocommerce provides the owners creative freedom for creating a store in a way as desired by them. It makes the store quite exclusive. The customization has a great role for gaining the success. Usually, individuals get attracted to the store after seeing it.


Product management is equally important and can be a little tough when the help of best WordPress developer is not taken. You should add tags, descriptions, attributes such as size and color etc. so that customers can easily find exactly what they are looking. The customers prefer to view the products on the basis of their preferences such as price, popularity etc. The store owners can easily add such features to make it easy for the customers.


The customers need to make choice for selecting their username or go with automatically generated one. Customer will get hassle-free time along with refunds as an owner can manage the same. The owners can easily keep the track of all orders, shipments, orders that needed to be fulfilled etc.


  • Woocommerce development services of Infiyug make the store owners to sell their goods, either physical or digital one.
  • The sellers can also accept the payments through several methods.
  • They have a good choice to choose from credit cards, Paypal, cheque, bank transfers and even cash on delivery.
  • We, being the best Woocommerce website development company in Thane, Mumbai through our Woocommerce services, allow businesses to provide their customers with various shipping options, shipping rates and free shipping for specific areas.


Some of the attractive features WooCommerce development provides:

  1. Inventory management with intuitive UI.
  2. Bird-eye view of your stores for inventory.
  3. In-built marketing and promotional strategies.
  4. On-page checkout with real time validation and shipping Calculator.
  5. Sharing products via social media.
  6. Customer account panel and ratings.

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