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Infiyug Technologies website reports, visitor tracking analysis and web analytics consultancy solutions delivers comprehensive real time performance statistics about your prospects and promotion activities enabling you to effectively track measure and analyze both marketing and site initiatives.


Our web-analysis service is a professional web site analysis solution to track and analyze visitor’s reaction to your web site in addition to optimizing the effectiveness of your online communication and e-business activities.


Optimize for SEO delivers detailed & professional answers you need based on standard and specific time ranges reports such as:

  1. Who and how many people are visiting your web site?
  2. Which pages do they look at most?
  3. What kind of search engines and search phrases do they use to find your website?
  4. From which sites do visitors arrive at your site?
  5. From which countries, regions and cities do they come from?
  6. Which pages do they look at most?
  7. How long do they stay at your website?
  8. How do your visitors navigate?
  9. What hours, days, weeks, months, quarters and years are they particularly active?

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