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Web hosting is a kind of business practice of offering space and bandwidth on the high-level computer server which is connected to the internet at great speed. Hosting companies usually maintain the large networks containing high-powered web server computers in a specific location known as the data center. Such computers are connected to the fast, redundant, internet connection. The data centres possess primary as well as backup power, a fast connection to the internet and a security monitoring staff.


The web hosting companies offer a disk space and bandwidth for customers for a monthly fee. After a customer is signed up, they can easily upload the personal space on the web browser and information can be viewed by the viewers on the internet easily. The monthly fee is nominal that is charged by web hosting company. It is the reason behind the existence of such companies. Infiyug takes care of all your hardware, software and technical needs.


Web Hosting Services in Thane | Mumbai - Infiyug Technologies

There are several types of web hosting offers but main three of them are shared, reseller and dedicated. Each of them is for a different purpose. Shared web hosting is the most popular one. We as the best web hosting company in Thane, Mumbai provide shared hosting which is a portion of disk space and bandwidth offered on a high powered server.


There are several websites hosted on such server and thus hosting company. The resources of the server are shared by several other websites as allocated by the computer. Shared web hosting is a great form of web hosting. Reseller web hosting can be said as a low-cost solution for your web hosting business.


A good web hosting possesses regular schedule to back-up the data on all sorts of web servers. The more usual data is always backed up. Web hosting should be back up website files on a daily basis. Thus, we as the leading web hosting company in Thane, Mumbai provide web hosting services for your website as needed by you.

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