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Looking for Web Design & Development Company in Thane | Mumbai?

Infiyug Technologies provide web design & development services. At Infiyug, we aim to build unmatchable and never seen before website to our clients. However, this is divided to further protocol that we follow while handling a client.

How do we work for website design?


  • Meetings: We believe in prioritizing the opinions and feedbacks of our client. Initial meetings and interactive sessions help us in catering to the opinions of the clients into reality. As with the help of their inputs, we are able to put across the best foot forward.


  • Discovery of the design: Based on the observation and adding a pinch of innovation to it we finally discover the whole design which inculcates the ideologies of the client. We at Infiyug aim to build a website which is a mirror image of the actual business and should be sufficient enough to mark a never-ending impact on the clients.


  • Revealing the design to the client: Now after the design is completed we reveal the layout and theme of the website to our prestigious clients so that we can give them an idea as to how the website design is going to be. Along with it we also give them a chance to do any sort of needed modifications to the website.


web design & development company in thane mumbai

Our experts are dedicated and trained well for creating exceptionally mobile-friendly websites which will be able to engage your customers and retain them for a sufficiently long period of time. Websites that are designed as well as developed by our team will effectively run on several mobile devices. Whether you are searching for fresh designs or upgrading of the current website, Infiyug as the top web design & development company in Thane, Mumbai possesses the great expertise to create bespoke as well as striking websites that too within a very short period of time. Our web design deals with website layout using CSS, HTML, js, bootstrap while our web development includes PHP where the website is made dynamic.


We are best web design & development company in Thane, Mumbai. We have vast experience and thorough knowledge for implementation of the latest technology. The website which we build for our clients is completely bug-free as well as result oriented for the business. Websites created by our team is quite flexible, resilient as well as supportive for tolerating high traffic.


Being an experienced web design company, Infiyug strives to include all the features of an effective website that catches the eye of the viewers and is search engine friendly. We provide custom design layout, mobile responsive design, inquiry forms, easy edits and updates, online chats etc. We custom design the banners and the layouts for the websites which is eye friendly. You will get your website search engine optimized in the best way. We present mobile responsive designs for the websites of our clients. The website of our clients is compatible with the variety of devices and windows that is adapted with users devices. After completion of the website, the client can easily edit and update the contents of the same as per their convenience


Web design & development Company in Thane | Mumbai includes the following cycle:

  1. Define your requirements.
  2. Design the system based on your requirements.
  3. Develop the system.
  4. Test the application system.
  5. Deployment to you with training.
  6. Maintain the system.

web design & development company in thane mumbai

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