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Earlier decision and setting up the maximum screen resolution along with the sizes of mobile devices shrinking was a challenging task. There was need to write a single code that is compatible with all sizes of the devices. This created need of a responsive website design. Responsive design can be said as a set of techniques as well as technologies that is combined into a set of code and is delivered around a range of devices.


Earlier traditional kinds of websites were very device specific. The websites become visually appealing when it is being viewed on specific devices but in case when it is viewed on other devices with less resolution, it has to be altered accordingly. On other hand, responsive websites are not designed for any particular device or resolution rather they are flexible and automatically transform the layout of its design according to the resolution of the device. Thus, they provide the seamless view with all sorts of devices.


  • Expert professionals of Infiyug as the top responsive web design company in Thane, Mumbai will develop an exceptional mobile friendly websites which will engage your customers in best way and also will help you to retain them. These are called responsive websites.
  • Websites designed as well as developed by our professionals is compatible with most of the mobile devices.
  • You may be looking for a fresh design or upgrading a current website. Being the best responsive web design company in Thane, Mumbai, Infiyug has expertise to develop the desired website within a short period of time.

New devices are emerging at great speed day by day and thus old devices have been replaced by new one. Many browsers are now days iterating much faster thus we find several small and large devices containing incredible web browsing capabilities. The technology has evolved rapidly at great speed and latest devices are cropping up. It is best medium for displaying your business website across all devices without ignoring the older ones and still working with the devices.


Why should you go for Responsive Website Design?

  1. Mobile usage is increasing.
  2. Shopping on mobile devices is steadily growing.
  3. Responsive designs adapt to multiple devices sizes.

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