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Looking for Ecommerce Website Development Company in Thane | Mumbai?

Ecommerce Website Development Company in Thane | Mumbai - Infiyug Technologies

Infiyug Technologies is here to help you increase profits and grow your online storefront. We speak e-commerce website development company in Thane | Mumbai, we do not believe in the concept of one –size fits all, but we do believe in niche-specific solutions for an ecommerce website development company in Thane | Mumbai.


Turn Your Shopping Carts into Effective Selling Tools


Infiyug Technologies provides the facility for the shoppers to get the information about the product prices in their local currency. This facility helps you to get the details with price update. People belongs to the different countries can purchase products from ecommerce website.


Why choose Infiyug Technologies for Ecommerce Websites Development Company in Thane | Mumbai?

1. Platform Independent

Our ecommerce website development company in Thane | Mumbai enable you to reach out to your customers wherever they are – Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, at the same time ensuring consistency in Customer Shopping Experience. Leveraging our experience in design and development of B2C and B2B ecommerce website development company in Thane | Mumbai, we help client in identifying features that suits their requirement


2. Scalable

We understand that whether you offer 10 or 1,000 products today, you plan to grow your range of offerings and inventory in the future. Our solutions are scalable and robust enough to manage growing product and user base without any additional investment.


3. Integration

Architecture and backend of our websites are designed in such a way that they are easy to integrate with various applications. Seamless flow of information reduces effort of your team in managing multiple portals and increases operational efficiency. We have expertise in integrating your website with – ERP, CRM, Accounting Management Application, Inventory Management System, and Point of Sales (POS) Applications


4. Intelligent Search

Surveys have proved that ‘Site Search’ is the key feature that plays a vital role in the conversion on an ecommerce website development company in Thane | Mumbai. We offer various add-ons (predictives, synonyms, etc.) that offer relevant results, aimed to enhance shopping experience and increase conversions.


5. Content Management System (CMS)

We recommend the best e-commerce engine depending on client’s requirement that is robust, scalable, and customizable. Our Team of UI Designers, Information Architects, Developers, Testers and Project Manager ensure that your website has the perfect blend of usability and functionality.


6. Online Payment

With experience of integrating various payment gateways in more than 50 web and mobile portals, we are equipped to offer diverse features, hassle-free transactions in your ecommerce portals. The smooth payment transaction is necessary to increase customer satisfaction.


Ecommerce website development company in Thane | Mumbai have the following characteristics:

  1. Are visually pleasing as well as usable and quick-loading.
  2. Incorporate all  functionality and features that customers need for a pleasing site experience that is conductive to customer retention and conversion.
  3. Are Search Engine friendly?
  4. Integrate seamlessly with your business operations applications and product catalog.
  5. Give you the reports and statistics you need to measure performance and optimize your business.
  6. Are easy to update and maintain by your staff.