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Infiyug Technologies provide online bulk SMS services, catering to all types of customers, big, medium and small through our innovative solutions for sending group SMS all over India via different gateway networks. Now you can reach large target groups such as channels, customers and employees. Balancing traffic over multiple SMSCs allows the solution to scale existing network capacity and optimise delivery of messages. SMS Marketing is an opportunity we were extremely excited to explore. We have successfully designed and delivered many bulk SMS service campaigns for our clients and are extremely eager to share it with all those who are looking for an effective medium to reach out to clients within seconds at prices that meet the budget.


We provide state-of-the-art bulk SMS marketing services which lets you reach millions of potentials buyers directly via SMS, personally. Promoting business, product and services is very necessary for anyone to let other know about yourself. And, bulk SMS is one of the most trusted medium to achieve better results quickly and easily. No hidden charges. Quick and easy setup. Win-Win Situation for your business.


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Whether you are launching a new product in your area or would like to make a nationwide announcement, we will manage all aspects of your requirements from start to finish!


We design as well as run your campaign and if you wish to create a customized bulk SMS campaign based on your own business needs and time frame, we will facilitate that for you too.