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Website Pre-Launch Checklist

  •      Page Speed

Do you have optimized your website page speed and performance?


The average page speed is 6.5s and Page performance score is 72%. Try to reduce bad links, unnecessary java scripts & requests and optimize the images.


  •  Consistent Navigation

Do you have used consistent navigation for internal links?

Make sure you have used your internal links to every page with universal navigation.  You can also use breadcrumbs to make easy navigation from deep links.


  • Image Optimization

Do images have Alter Tag? Does your website have optimized images?


Give image name as per content and target keywords.


  • 404 Pages

Do you have any custom page for 404 pages?


Your website visitor should not leave website with 404 errors. It is beneficial if you add the custom page with some navigational links for 404 pages.


  • Frames/Flash

Do you have used frames or flash files?


We don’t recommend to use these files on every page because the search engine can’t able to read these files. Try to use alternative files and balance other website elements such as text, images, sliders and HTML.


  • Readability and Whitespace

Do your website content have readable font? Does your website have enough whitespace?


Whitespace gives more interaction to users with balancing the content.  Moreover use the readable fonts. We recommend to use web fonts for cross browser compatibility.


  • Mobile Responsiveness

Is your website is mobile friendly?


55 plus percentage of traffic is coming from mobile devices. 67% of users claim that they more like to purchase from the mobile friendly website.


  •  W3C

Do you follow W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines for your content?


  • Grammar/ Spelling

Is your content free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes?


Just double check your content before publishing the article, because these mistakes can directly affect the company reputation.


  • Text/HTML Ratio

Does your website have 25 to 70% Text/HTML ratio?


It’s not a direct ranking factor for search engine but there are many factors that are related to text /HTML ratio and directly affect to ranking.


  • Duplicate Content

Do you have any duplicate content?


  • Meta Tags

Have you included your target keywords in Meta tags?


Make a list of target keywords with constructing good keyword research and target in Meta title and Meta description.


  • Legal Pages

Do you have provided legal pages such as privacy policy, disclaimer or term, and conditions?


If you have an e-commerce site, then it is necessary to add the legal page for security purpose.


  • Color Pattern

Does your website have the good color combination?


  • Social Media links/Sharing

Do you have mentioned your social media icons on the landing page? Do you have included social media sharing on the blog?


  • Links

Do your website links are SEO friendly?


Make sure your website links are SEO friendly, and also fix the broken links.


  • Header Tags

Does your website have enough header tags? Does your website have only 1 to 2 h1 tags?


Make good use of H1, it indirectly helps as a ranking factor.


  • Favicon

Do your website have Favicon?


It builds brand awareness. It also gives creditability when the website user has multiples bookmarks.


  • Copyright

Do you have mentioned copyright notice in the footer?


This gives website owners original rights to work. Generally, copyright includes Reproduction, Development of derivative works, Distribution and Public display based on Copyright Act of 1976


  • Footer

Do you have made use of footer space?


Make most use of footer with including quick links, contact information, copyright text and social media icons


  • Google Webmaster Tools

Have you setup for Google Search Console?


After configuring the webmaster tools, just submit the XML sitemap to it.


  • Google Analytics

Have you setup for Google Analytics?


Configure the analytics with adding the tracking code in the footer code. Moreover, make sure you have filtered your work IP address for excluding traffic.


  • Real-time Monitoring

Have you installed real time monitoring?


Install Tawk for real-time monitoring of your website.


Congratulations! Your website is now ready to launch!

If you still have some issues, then please let us know! We are experts at the quick fix!

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